Dhr.com Website Review & Ratings + Discount Hotel Reservations Coupons
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Dhr.com Website Review & Ratings + Discount Hotel Reservations Coupons

Discount Hotel Reservations provides reduced price hotel rooms.  By simply entering the location, date, and traveler information, you can receive detailed quotes of how much you could save by booking through their website in minutes.  You can have dozens of results for less than face reservation value instantly to help you plan your trip and compare rates for popular hotels.  This is a unique site for focusing exclusively on reduced price rates and offers very few book value reservations.  There are features to help narrow your results and book reservations easily.

Discount Hotel Reservations (DHR): What makes it different?
  • Discount Hotel reservations has a worldwide appeal for booking opportunities.
  • Discounts for secret offers provide some deals at a discount of more than 70%.
  • Great deals are found from worldwide locations.  This is nice for booking in areas you might be geographically unfamiliar with.  All currencies provided in US dollars.
Discount Hotel Reservations (DHR) vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Discount Hotel Reservations (DHR))

In some cases it may be cheaper to book directly with the hotel involved, and sometimes the opposite is true. Here are some comparisons between Discount Hotel reservations and some of the leading competitors.

  • Marriott.com offers more luxurious rooms, but at higher prices. One main difference is that Discount Hotel reservations has a worldwide appeal for booking opportunities.
  • Expedia.com allows discounts for hotels booked with flights and other travel arrangements.  Expedia will probably not give as low rates compared to booking directly with Country Inn & Suites.
  • Hotels.com offers discounts for advanced notice stays and low demand bookings of hotel rooms. Hotels.com may not give as low rates compared to booking directly with Country Inn & Suites.
  • Testimonial from Steven  in West Covina: "In minutes I saved more money than I could have working during that period."
Discount Hotel Reservations (DHR): Product images & screenshots
Discount Hotel Reservations (DHR) Coupons
Get 70% Off Hotels @ Discount Hotel Reservations (DHR)
Discount Hotel Reservations (DHR): Detailed review

My experience with Discount Hotel Reservations searching resulted in 23 responses for Los Angeles area hotel rooms that were at least 15% reduced in price from standard face value reservation rates.  After entering your information there will be many interesting results that are fun to browse if you have a lot of time.  On the contrary, the site is intuitive and user friendly enough to book quickly if needed. Discount Hotel reservations have a worldwide appeal for booking opportunities.

Other features include:

  • Detailed photographs and room descriptions to help you make an informed decision about your hotel booking reservation. 
  • Booking rates vary depending on the length of stay and time before departing and travel.
  • A secret hotels search option that gives exclusive discounts that names the hotel after the reservation is complete.
  • Group booking rates provide extra discounts for people travelling with friends and families.
  • Customer support is available to help you use the site and make reservations. 
  • All major credit cards are accepted and confirmation emails help plan your trip with certainty as you make your accomodations for yourself.
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presented a good review on DHR

Useful share... Thanks for posting this information for discount hotel reservations. Voted up

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