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You will be pleasantly surprised if you try, unlike other hotel booking sites does not overflow the Internet with excessive advertizing, they don't need to, after you use them once you will see that the bottom line is their prices are normally the cheapest!

On you will find:

  • You can search for hotels by map, theme, name or destination.
  • Join their loyalty program and get rewards worth 5% from each booking.
  • specifically addresses the needs of groups wanting to book hotels.

In short has less small print and more options then most of the large hotel booking sites. What makes it different?
  • Using the loyalty program you can get cash discounts on future hotel bookings.
  • does not charge a fee for changing or canceling your booking.
  • You can search for a hotel in a specific location using their interactive map.
  • You can also search for a hotel by theme on
  • Search results can be viewed in your own currency.
  • Secret hotels and special deals options provide even cheaper hotel rates on vs. primary competitors (sites similar to

When using Hotels Combined - a hotel search engine as opposed to a hotel booking site 113 hotels were found for the same search. rated number one with the cheapest offer on selected hotels. This is very significant as Hotels Combined scans the entire web for the best prices!

When searching for a hotel in Bruges, Belgium showed 91 hotels and showed 29 hotels, also when comparing their prices 8 times out of ten gave the cheaper price. However there were discrepancies between the amount of stars attributed to each hotel. On some hotels had 4 stars and on the same hotel showed 3 stars. uses Trip Advisor guest reviews and these are very reliable where as Agoda gives very limited and short customer reviews. These two hotel booking sites are comparable as they both offer a loyalty program of the same kind.

In a search for New York hotels on and, showed 390 hotels and showed 239 but when comparing rates on the New York Helmsley Hotel was $50 cheaper per night! When comparing other New York hotels also beat the prices. Product images & screenshots Coupons
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Travelers looking for the cheapest rates online will often find them here at If you know the type of hotel you are looking for but are not sure of exactly where you want to go you will find's search by theme feature invaluable. You can search specifically for casino hotels, romantic hotels, beach hotels, honeymoon, adventure, family, budget hotels and more. To book group hotel stays has a page especially for that purpose where you can specify how many of each type of room you will require. If you know which city you are going to but are not sure of exact hotel locations in relation to the city center then's large map is invaluable.

Many of the features you would find on other hotel booking sites appear on but the difference is the placement of these elements on the site. On the landing page presents you with all of the options in an orderly and comprehensive layout.

Once you have searched for a hotel and received your search results on the default order of hotels is according to available promotions and discounts. I have not seen this feature on other booking sites and it makes it much easier for those looking for a bargain. Another unique feature in the search results is that the "refine your search" option has already eliminated options which don't exist in the city you are searching. This means you won't waste your time refining your search for family friendly, rural hotels with Internet access if none exist in your destination city.

The search results have other helpful information:

  • To prevent booking a hotel only to discover once you arrive that breakfast is not included, the meal type is specifically listed on your initial view of the search results.
  • features Trip Advisor hotel ratings on the search results page. Travelers booking hotels online often go from Trip Advisor to hotel booking site comparing results and reading Trip Advisor reviews about the hotels. With having the Trip Advisor rating in a prominent position on the search results this wasted skipping between sites becomes redundant.
  • The hotel price is quoted both as a nightly rate and the price for your total stay.
  • Under each hotel indicates whether there is an airport transfer option.

Another interesting and rather unique feature of is the "secret hotels" option. Here you can search for a hotel by destination, and book a hotel without knowing the name of the hotel. These hotels are all top of the line famous name hotels which are giving special prices (up to 70% discounts), only once you book will you see the hotel name but you are promised that they are quality hotels at low cost prices. This is a great feature for the adventurous. I found that when using this feature the hotel names and details were displayed, but they were excellent hotels at low rates. also has a "special Deals" section which each traveler should check out before beginning their hotel search for up to 70% rate discounts.

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Thanks for the great info! Voted this article up. :-)

Me too, this is a good article. I travel a lot and don\'t stay long so I always look for cheap hotels.

-<a href=\"\">barrie hotels</a>

Me too, I like to travel a lot and don\'t stay very long so I\'m always looking for the cheapest place I can find. Thanks for the information.

-<a href=\"\">barrie hotels</a>

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