Splendia.com Website Review & Ratings + Splendia Hotels Coupons
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Splendia.com Website Review & Ratings + Splendia Hotels Coupons

Splendia.com is an online hotel booking website with a difference, all of the 5000 hotels are luxury and character hotels, this means they are all of top quality hotels.

Splendia.com provides you with:

  • Trustworthy and unquestionable service and quality both in the booking process and the hotels themselves.
  • Ordinary prices for extra ordinary hotels.
  • A loyalty club which offers benefits including room up-grades, discounts, a wavering of the cancellation fee and exclusive hotel offers only available to members.
  • Ample information about each of their hotels including details not found on other sites.
  • Splendia.com does not offer hotels that are sub-standard.
Splendia Hotels: What makes it different?

So why use Splendia.com to book your next hotel stay?

  • You won't find a bad hotel on Splendia, but you may very well find a weird or strange hotel that other sites don't list.
  • The Splendia Club offers perks which other sites do not so easily provide, Club members are privy to hotels which offer exclusive benefits and deals to Splendia Club members only. From personal experience I can say that Splendia.com really pampers it's Club members.
  • Splendia.com hand picks the hotels that they list, and then work closely with the hotels to give the best service to their clients.
  • Splendia.com is an ideal hotel booking site for luxury travel.
  • Among the facilities you can choose from when choosing a hotel is "gay-friendly", I can imagine this is an invaluable service to the LGBT community.
  • You can give a Splendia gift voucher and let friends enjoy a Splendia hotel.
  • The Splendia booking process is simply but also provides plenty of opportunity to narrow down your search by specifying hotel location, facilities, price and type.
Best Available Splendia Hotels Coupon:
Splendia Hotels vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Splendia Hotels)

Compared with Agoda.com, Splendia .com does not offer the best prices unless it is one of Splendia's special offers. As in the Carvi Hotel, New York. Splendia.com also does not offer all types of rooms for example in the Old Riga Palace Hotel, Riga Agoda offers an economy room where as Splendia does not. Perhaps Splendia is just more selective about offering only the rooms that meet their standards. The information which Splendia offers on each of the hotels is on a par with Expedia, and Agoda, but on Splendia only the most attractive photos are displayed where as on Agoda the photos tend to give a more encompassing and often less attractive view of the hotels.

Although Agoda.com has a membership program which awards discounts on your next hotel booking, the benefits of the Splendia Club out way this because you can enjoy the perks of membership immediately with each booking you make. Expedia does not offer such a program but are on the verge of starting one. It would be even better if Splendia incorporated the same kind of point accumulation discounts that Agoda offers in addition to the existing Splendia membership benefits.

Where Splendia really out shines the competition with prices is with their special deals which are displayed on the Splendia home page. With these deals you not only enjoy good prices but the quality that Splendia provides.

Splendia Hotels: Product images & screenshots
Splendia Hotels Coupons
Splendia Hotels: Detailed review

Splendia.com hotel booking service is not your one stop hotel booking website, it is the site to use if you are looking for a special experience in a distinctive hotel. Splendia.com does not service hotels which do not meet their tough standards. Splendia.com suits travelers who are apprehensive about trying just any hotel and want a guarantee that the hotel will be of a good level. Splendia.com is also ideal for travelers wanting luxury and exclusivity in their hotel experience and those used to having only the best. Splendia.com can also meet the needs of travelers wanting to stay in a unique hotel with it's own individual character.

As Alice A said:"Great site with all the best and quirkiest hotels. I've never gone wrong with a selection from Splendia!"

Remarkably the prices on Splendia.com are not astronomical; Splendia makes the luxury hotel experience accessible to almost all travel budgets. Although not the cheapest of hotels they are reasonably priced and the prices are comparable if not competitive with similar online hotel booking sites.

The key benefits of booking with Splendia.com include:

  • The wide range of 5000 hotel across 130 countries, with individual styles and character including villas, eco-friendly hotels, state-of-the-art resorts and spas, all with charm and unique characteristics.
  • An efficient booking system which provides you with more than enough information about your chosen hotel. 
  • Peace of mind in terms of the quality of the hotels.
  • 24 hour multi-language customer services.
  • Customer reviews and rating of the hotels.

Splendia.com Club

Splendia.com loyalty club, called "The Club" offers members benefits, upgrades, access to hotel deals that are not available to all travelers and discounts. As a member of The Club you will receive a newsletter targeted to your travel specifications. Splendia.com recognizes that some members travel more than others and so there are four levels of Club membership, each with a different level of benefits starting from membership before your first booking when you will already get notified of special deals. Depending on your level of membership you will also receive complementary extras like free WiFi and late check-out. If you invite friends to join Splendia you can also earn gift vouchers.

Best Available Splendia Hotels Coupon:
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